New Additions and Big, Bad Predators.

We have added a few new additions to the farm.  In May we received an order of Murray McMurray chicks. My favorite is an Ameraucana I named Rose.  I think she thinks I’m crazy.  I like to carry her around and well…. she likes to run away from me.  Basically she thinks I’m a stalker.

Meet Rose.


Isn’t she cute?

Meet Rose’s stalker.


Oh wait, that’s me.

We also have two cats now.  They’re just barn cats but they are adorable.

Say hello to Nox and Nero.



While I milk Little they stand behind me and wait for me to pour them some fresh goat milk.  They also like to do chores with Justin.



We’ve also had a house chicken for the last two weeks.

Meet Pip.


She was picked at by the other chicks.  When we went out to the brooder there was blood everywhere and the poor thing was in pitiful shape.  A little blue-kote and a lot of love later and she is doing much better.  She has watched TV with us and even been introduced to the inside dogs.  Click on the link because Chloe was not so sure about Pip. It made us laugh..a lot.



The sweet thing has finally been moved to the grow-out pen with the others and so far all is well.

Now, onto the final update…the ducks.

We have moved them out to the pond with the Ancona’s.

They are happy as can be.  However, we were supposed to have two new babies:


And unfortunately due to a predator problem…they are no more.

So, are you ready to see our BIG, BAD, predator problem?


Pretty right?


Not so pretty anymore, huh?  Ok, so this isn’t my picture.  It’s this guys.

BUT given that my precious babies and BOTH of my nests…over 40 eggs… are gone and these guys are to blame, I imagine this is what it looked like.

This nest:


Was ONE week from hatching.

This momma is one mad hen. (Well I’m not a hen but who cares about the technicalities?)

We are working on building the ducks houses to lay in…but I don’t know if they will keep the heron’s away or not.  😦

Our bees are doing PHENOMENAL.  We may even have honey this year.  We definitely did not expect any this year but our hive is working like crazy.  They filled up their super in NO time and we have already had to put on a small super (where we will rob honey) and they’ve got half of it full.

This was a few weeks ago:


Talk about busy bees!

That’s about all that’s going on around here (it’s been crazy).  We leave in less than a month for Africa!


Don’t forget to check out our blog that is chronicling that journey!

You can learn all about us here!

Until next time!





16 thoughts on “New Additions and Big, Bad Predators.

  1. Girlie, I always look forward to your updates! So sorry about your duck babies. 😢 very sad! As for stalking your chick, don’t worry. She’ll come around. My Dusty Dustball is a proper pet now. Don’t TELL me she doesn’t love the attention, because she does! I just have her some of my lunch a minute age. She delicately nibbled BBQ chicken straight out of my hand. Yes, I said chicken. 😊 living the cats! Do far our house kitties are doing the job on the rats, but watch this space. I wouldn’t mind a couple of semi-ferals in the barn. Have fun in Africa darling! Come back to us soon!!!

      • Thank you!! Things have been so crazy around the farm I haven’t had time to update my blog. I’ve been fighting off herons like a boss. 😉 Thank you for reading! Your blog is my favorite!!

      • *blush* Thanks GGG! Your herons are truly evil! A duck house sounds like a great idea – maybe with a very low entrance to discourage tall herons? Keep us updated. My daughter just lost a clutch of 10 duck eggs to… RATS. Now you know why cats are a necessity! (I’ve got a rat post coming up you might enjoy.. Not sure if you saw it before on my old site.) They are a huge problem here and it is always sad to lose eggs. Grrrrr!

  2. It’s wonderful to read another new post from you! The kittens are adorable! They look a lot like my cat when she was younger. I wonder how big the kittens are going to get? My cat is about 2 years and she is 6 pounds right now.

    So sorry about the heron incidents! I hope your efforts to protect your ducks will work!

    Hope everything goes well and that you have fun in Africa! 🙂


    • Thank you! I have no idea how big the kittens will get. I’m interested to see. They are SO cute but it’s hard to tell them apart. They’re practically identical.
      I hate that we have lost so many ducklings but hopefully we can get that issue resolved.
      And thank you! We are so excited!

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